Immersive Experiences

Are you running out of ‘fun’ things to do with your colleagues? We don’t blame you. Allow us to intervene, we present-Immersive Experiences! Designed to act as the perfect Corporate Day Out for your team! If you’re looking for a half day breather from the confines of your offices walls, a chance for your team to bond and have fun in a dynamic environment, then our range of Immersive Experiences is your readymade solution. As the name suggests, our program allows our participants to completely immerse themselves in the adventure and excitement of immersive teamplay! 

Teamplay - Immersive Experiences - Handson


If you’re looking to provide your team with an enriching bonding experience outside the corporate walls, we h...

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Team Tuesdays - Immersive Experiences - Handson

Team Tuesdays

Pub crawl someone suggested? Done that.  The new Thai restaurant round the corner? Been there. If you find tha...

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Urban Jungle - Immersive Experiences - Handson

Urban Jungle

We often find ourselves complaining about the changing landscape of our city. This lament is predominantly expresse...

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Heroes Journey - Immersive Experiences - Handson

Heroes Journey

Ever wondered why your life wasn’t more like your favourite super hero or fictional character?

While t...

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