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Our Outbound Experts

  • Mahendra Pal Singh - Outbound Experts - Handson
  • Mahendra Pal Singh
  • With 15 years of experience in the bag, rather backpack, MP as he is fondly known is an adventure addict. After signing up for a rock climbing course in the 7th grade, he has never looked back since. He has scaled many heights including Mt. Jaonli (6632 mt) and Mt. Lepsa Dhura (5913 mt) in Northern India. He has a First Aid Certification from NOLS...

  • Pradeep Kumar - Outbound Experts - Handson
  • Pradeep Kumar
  • Don't be fooled by his shy persona, out on the field he is the go-to adventure man! Over the last 9 years he has come to learn everything there is to know about adventure sports and is ever ready to share his skills with you.While it may be hard to keep up with his athleticism, he is patient and kind and he will stay with you from start to finish, ...

  • Kuldeep Singh - Outbound Experts - Handson
  • Kuldeep Singh
  • Our very own Wonder Valley model! He may be soft on the eyes but don't let his looks distract you from his gritty ways. 6 years in the adventure industry and specialization in water sports, he is no stranger to extreme conditions and lofty heights. Hailing from the mountains, he has undertaken many expeditions that have put his skills to the test. ...