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Our Trainers

  • Aman Jain - Trainers - Handson
  • Aman Jain
  • Business Head & Consultant
  • The go-to-guy at Hands On with his fingers in many pies at the same time and still manages to juggle them all without getting any on his face. A client's best friend, his workshops usually end up in a boisterous, friendly free-for-all. Underneath that young faade is a highly analytical, sharp and intuitive facilitator with a decade of experience lo...

  • Naveen Tater  - Trainers - Handson
  • Naveen Tater
  • Senior Consultant
  • Naveen's wry sense of humor belies the sharp, amazingly versatile style of facilitation he brings to a workshop. His most recent exploits as a theatre director, stage actor sometimes come to the fore to seize the moment and help participants in an uncomfortable moment.A masters in electronics turned HR partner with over a decade working at Mphasis,...

  • Priya Venkatesh - Trainers - Handson
  • Priya Venkatesh
  • Lead Consultant
  • With a deep interest in people, human behavior, adventure and her love for teaching, Priya will keep you cemented in your seat. Over the last 15 years she developed herself as a leading figure in the Outbound Training Industry, having designed programs that allowed participants to explore various aspects of self, team work, leadership and strategy...

  • Shaleel Nalakath  - Trainers - Handson
  • Shaleel Nalakath
  • Senior Consultant
  • A shoo in as a double for Arnold Schwarzenegger with oh-so army demeanor hasn't been anywhere near the forces but can easily pass off as a tough staff officer that you wouldn't want to cross. Having worked over the past decade in outward bound and experiential learning, he has a broad skill set enabling him to work with various levels. Shaleel i...

  • Smitha Srinivasan  - Trainers - Handson
  • Smitha Srinivasan
  • Associate Consultant
  • A performing classical dancer, proven mountaineer & an outbound trainer if there was ever a more diverse set of skills Smitha is probably looking at how to acquire them. Smitha has a well-grounded background in learning and development, having several years of organizational experience, posts a Masters in Human Resources. She is a lead-facilitato...

  • Vinay Sirsi - Trainers - Handson
  • Vinay Sirsi
  • CEO & Principal Consultant
  • Vinay's formidable demeanor may intimidate you, but you should be intimidated! What with his vast history of accomplishments and experiences which he brings to the table. A post graduate in Management and a Masters in Kinesiology from the University of New Hampshire, U.S.A, he has kept the momentum going for the last 15 years by conducting over 120...

  • Vishwas Parchure  - Trainers - Handson
  • Vishwas Parchure
  • Senior Consultant
  • With a career stretching over 15 years and over different continents, specializing in Education and Development, this is a man who is well versed with scope of experiential and immersive learning. Vishwas first received his training at Brathay and Outward Bound Convention, UK in technical skills and facilitation techniques. He then trained at Proj...