Outbound Experiences

The crux of Outbound Training lies in taking a group of people away from their normal environment into the outdoors, and placing a new, unfamiliar set of challenges before them, in the solving of which a whole lot of new equations are thrown up. The program works on the principle that when a team is thrown together in wilderness or adventure settings, where they have to fend for themselves and meet challenges together, there is growth in many directions.

Thus, the outbound trainings simulate the actual work environment and facilitate uptake of pertinent skills and competencies.

The aim of outbound training is to:
        ·         Improve team work
        ·         Think out of the box
        ·         Making mid-course adjustments
        ·         Setting and achieving goals
        ·         Managing time
        ·         Recognizing opportunities and sizing them up before its late
        ·         Learning new skills proactively and applying it back in the work environment

These initiatives also help participants to enhance trust, communicate effectively and comprehend the difference between managing and leading people. The increased awareness level of the participants, helps them employ their strengths effectively and take corrective measures for their weaknesses to achieve personal and professional success.

Hands On’s outbound processes are unique in nature as they are designed and developed based on a theme, which is in line with organization’s short term & long term goals. These customized designs allow organizations an opportunity to drive home ideas and change, which otherwise are found difficult to achieve.

Despite our expertise in Outbound training, we understand that you are the best judge of your team’s needs. Over the years we have discovered that customizing our programs to your demands is the best way to deliver our training services.  We believe in a collaborative discourse where we design the desired program according to your requirements and expectations and our dedicated venues help in providing the same, thus meeting the specific objectives you set out for.

Magic Turtle - Outbound Experiences - Handson

Magic Turtle

An physically challenging activity where team members standing in line, must get from point A to point B only using...

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Pipeline / Marble Roll - Outbound Experiences - Handson

Pipeline / Marble Roll

Each participant is handed a small dissected piece of pipe and a marble per team. The aim of the game is to get the...

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Bazooka - Outbound Experiences - Handson


Teams are faced with an 8 ft metal cylinder filled with water and they have to fish out as many plastic balls from ...

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Farmers Task Force - Outbound Experiences - Handson

Farmers Task Force

This is a word puzzle activity to find out which ‘farmer’ is growing what produce on his farm! Each mem...

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Blind Square - Outbound Experiences - Handson

Blind Square

Team members are blindfolded and given a tangled tied piece of rope. Using just their sense of touch and intuition,...

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Dynamic Challenge Course - Outbound Experiences - Handson

Dynamic Challenge Course

A physically demanding activity, where each member of the team must provide input and help ideate and execute a pla...

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HeeBee GeeBee - Outbound Experiences - Handson

HeeBee GeeBee

This is a high ropes activity where a participant is suspended with the support of a harness and has to get from po...

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Burma Bridge - Outbound Experiences - Handson

Burma Bridge

A challenging high ropes activity where the participant must walk across a rope ladder like bridge, suspended 20 ft...

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