Vinay Sirsi

CEO & Principal Consultant

Vinay Sirsi - Trainers - HandsonVinay's formidable demeanor may intimidate you, but you should be intimidated! What with his vast history of accomplishments and experiences which he brings to the table. A post graduate in Management and a Masters in Kinesiology from the University of New Hampshire, U.S.A, he has kept the momentum going for the last 15 years by conducting over 1200 workshops with diverse outcomes across different levels and industries all over the world. Specializing in Leadership Development, he is an advocate for the experiential learning approach, training diverse populations ranging from CEO's of multi-national companies, to Ivy League colleges and NASA employees.

He holds the distinction of being a certified professional facilitator from the International Association of Facilitators and has helped set benchmarks in the training and adventure industry.

With key international accreditations in Applied Behavioral Sciences, Group Process Facilitation from NTL, CCL, ICA and as an emp





Middle Management Senior Management


IT / ITES Manufacturing / Production
Banking, Finance & Insurance
Government / PSU
Education / Academia
Real Estate

Recent Clients

DBOI, Oracle, Sequent



Vinay Sirsi is a deadly combination of charming and knowledgeable! His passion and contribution in the field of Experiential Learning is inspiring. His insight and delivery on the scope of Team Building and Leadership in today s corporate culture is so meticulous, he is worthy of his international and national accolades.
Raml Hegde, ITC

Vinay is gifted with incredible foresight and the desire to constantly update his knowledge base. His deep understanding of the adventure industry, combined with keeping up with what s current, he incorporates all these elements to create not just the best, but an alternative experience for your team. His drive towards innovation is admirable and always appreciated. It is always an adventure with Vinay!
Sushmita Sharma, Accenture