Pipeline / Marble Roll

Pipeline / Marble Roll - Outbound - Handson

Each participant is handed a small dissected piece of pipe and a marble per team. The aim of the game is to get the marble from the first member to the last, using just the pipes! The team must align themselves in a way to transfer the marble from one pipe to the next without dropping it, into a container placed at the end of the line.



Problem Solving - Handson Decision Making - Handson Team Work - Handson Interdependence - Handson Accountability - Handson Planning - Handson Co-Ordination - Handson Listening - Handson


Physical : High
Mental : Medium


Indoor / Outdoor


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Great activity to get the whole team working together to get to the finish line.
Tejas M., Mantri

We initially thought this would be a simple game, but we were wrong! Only after several tries and a lot of communication and coordination did we get our first marble in. Great way to get the team working together
Jyothi P., Citi Group