Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster - Outbound - Handson

Teams are provided with materials which they must use to build their very own prototype of a roller coaster! Every part used in the making of this roller coaster is important in order for it to work and for this, members must come together and ensure that the various parts of their prototype are securely fastened.



Collaboration - Handson Time Management - Handson Team Work - Handson Execution - Handson Creating Win - Win - Handson Conceptual Thinking - Handson


Physical : Medium
Mental : Medium


Indoor / Outdoor


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It was a nice way for everyone to come together to build something, especially something that works! We invested a lot of effort that way and it was good
Simone Dias, Citi

For us non design oriented minds, this was a new kind of activity that challenged us into using our hands and minds to create something that works. A simple yet effective activity.
Jairam S., Sabic