Warp Speed

Warp Speed - Outbound - Handson

To survive this activity, all senses must be on alert mode. Standing in a circle, every member starts throwing objects that’s provided to them to another member, all the same time. The key is that after a few tries members start forming a sequence as to who will receive which object from whom to avoid clashes. The aim of game is to maximize the number objects in the air when thrown at the same time.



Communication - Handson Conflict Management - Handson Team Work - Handson Alignment - Handson Planning - Handson Co-Ordination - Handson Listening - Handson


Physical : Low
Mental : High


Indoor / Outdoor


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This activity got all of us to be awake and alert. It was too much fun!
Lali P., Nokia

This was really challenging and confusing at first, but we then got the hang of it and began coordinating effectively with each other.
Tanmay Ramesh, HP