Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo Bridge - Outbound - Handson

This task is a balancing act, but not without the support of your team. Members have to get from brick A to brick B, by crossing a bamboo bridge. If you’re thinking it’s a short straight distance, think again as your team is faced with maze like set up and only a few bamboos to complete the course.  And remember, the whole team begins together and finishes together.



Team Bonding - Handson Decision Making - Handson Team Work - Handson Flexibility - Handson Initiative - Handson Appreciation - Handson Resource Management - Handson Customer Orientation - Handson Conceptual Thinking - Handson Result Orientation - Handson


Physical : High
Mental : Medium




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A challenging activity that requires a lot of coordination and effort.
Magan S., Intel

You really need to depend on your team mates for this activity, like hold on tightly and trust the person next to you. It was a new kind of experience for my team.
Reshma P., Intel