Marshmallow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge - Outbound - Handson

Teams are provided with spaghetti sticks, some string and tape and are asked to build a free standing structure. Where does the ‘marshmallow’ come in? In order to judge the stability of the structure, a marshmallow is placed on top of it and if it still stands, your team can pat themselves on their backs!



Collaboration - Handson Problem Solving - Handson Creativity - Handson Decision Making - Handson Team Work - Handson Accountability - Handson Innovation - Handson Challenge - Handson Lateral Thinking - Handson Resource Management - Handson Analytical Thinking - Handson Conceptual Thinking - Handson Result Orientation - Handson


Physical : Medium
Mental : High


Indoor / Outdoor


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What a challenge! Required a lot of concentration and collaboration. I really wish I could have a second go at it!
Preethi P., Honeywell

What an innovative concept! A very stimulating experience for everyone on the team. We are super proud of spaghetti structure!
Shyam Marda, Piramal Group