Dynamic Challenge Course

Dynamic Challenge Course - Outbound - Handson

A physically demanding activity, where each member of the team must provide input and help ideate and execute a plan to overcome the various obstacles laid out on the course. Teams must work with continuous information that becomes available to them and try to identify the various roles that each team member plays.



Communication - Handson Collaboration - Handson Conflict Management - Handson Problem Solving - Handson Team Work - Handson Interdependence - Handson Building Trust - Handson Planning - Handson Co-Ordination - Handson Job Ethic - Handson Challenge - Handson Leadership - Handson Creating Win - Win - Handson Lateral Thinking - Handson Persistence - Handson Resource Management - Handson


Physical : High
Mental : Medium




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This was tough and physically straining, but something that my team appreciated doing. We felt we got through it together and that is important.
Shobha Ganesh, Sabic

I didn t think I was capable of finishing this course as it was very physically challenging. But my colleagues and the wonderful Hands On team made sure I did and I m glad!
Anjana Zaveri, Wipro